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Taormina offers an ideal setting for capturing beautiful portrait photographs. With its breathtaking coastal vistas, captivating historic buildings, and the majestic silhouette of Mt. Etna visible in the distance, every corner of this place unveils something special, providing diverse backdrops for creating unique and memorable images. However, the most crucial element to consider is the lighting. The abundant Sicilian sun ensures a guaranteed sun-kissed glow, making it unnecessary to worry about getting a tan. Nevertheless, it’s important to be mindful of the intensity of the sunlight, as it can be harsh at times. To ensure a successful photography session on the sunny island of Sicily, there are some valuable tips to keep in mind.

Here are some tips to help you navigate your photo session in Taormina, Sicily: 

 Begin your photo shoot early in the morning, preferably before sunrise, even if it means waking up as early as 5:30 a.m. Although it may require some effort, the results will be well worth it. There are several reasons for this choice:

 - The morning light is gentle and soft, casting subtle tones on the skin while maintaining a smooth and even texture. There are no harsh shadows or excessive highlights, creating a gentle illumination that enhances the shape of your body and face.

 - If you’re planning to make the shoot on the beach, the early hours are ideal. The rising sun gradually paints a warm and pleasing background above the sea (the so called ‘Golden hour’) making it perfect for capturing silhouettes. Additionally, you may even achieve magical flare effects that significantly impact the overall mood of the scenery.

 - Waking up early might be challenging, but it’s an advantage. Most people find it difficult, which means you can take advantage of the less crowded locations and capture the most desirable results. During those hours, places of interest are often empty, allowing you to enjoy a deserted beach or an empty city square. Having this space to yourself is crucial. It makes you feel more comfortable and eliminates any worry about being watched or feeling self-conscious during the photography session. Your goal is to appear natural and relaxed, without any tension or embarrassment. Remember, professional photography should be flattering and not embarrassing.

For those who prefer the afternoon over early mornings, the ideal moment is the sunset. In Taormina the sunset occurs quite late in the summer, usually around 8 or 9 PM. To fully appreciate the gentle fading light, it’s recommended to schedule your photo session at least 1 or 2 hours earlier. Seek out open areas with expansive views to avoid being overshadowed by the narrow streets. A few recommended locations include:

 - IsolaBella beach: The sunset bathes the sea in a soft pinkish glow, creating a surreal reflection on the water’s surface. It’s important to ensure the island is visible in the background, along with the sea and the sky. However, getting too close to the island could lead to a very dark backdrop, which is less appealing.

- The coastline of Taormina is truly spectacular. It’s adorned with numerous small coves, and the distant landscapes serve as a magnificent backdrop. Additionally, the absence of distractions nearby adds to the appeal. Opting for a boat excursion presents an exceptional chance to capture the finest lighting and scenery. Ensure that you choose a larger vessel, as a smaller one might not provide photographers with the necessary flexibility to capture you from various angles, and its stability might not meet the requirements of the situation. While the sea remains tranquil in the summer, it’s advisable to avoid the trip during high tides to maximize the clarity of your images.

- The Public Garden in Taormina, known as Villa Comunale, stands as a genuine treasure. Every corner unveils its own scenic marvels for photography. Abundant with blossoming flowers, lush greenery, captivating pathways, and stunning vistas of the sea and distant Mount Etna, it offers a magical and serene atmosphere. Surprisingly peaceful, despite its close proximity to the bustling Corso Umberto, the main street. Even though it’s only a few steps away, the crowds usually keep their distance from this tranquil haven.


- Embarking on a leisurely walk through the narrow streets of Taormina is consistently fulfilling. Exquisite facades adorned with an abundance of flowers and ceramics, historic churches scattered throughout, and expansive squares boasting captivating sea vistas - whether it’s Corso Umberto, Piazza IX of April, Piazza Duomo, Porta Catania, or Belvedere - each location is an ideal setting. The only drawback is that these spots are often teeming with crowds, yet luck might grant you a fleeting moment of solitude without anyone trailing behind.

- As a unique alternative, consider shifting your perspective and setting your sights on Castelmola. This captivating medieval town rests upon a hill just above the historic Taormina. To reach it, you have the choice of taking a shuttle bus from the Bus Terminal or embarking on a short hike through a picturesque stairway that passes by Madonna Della Rocca, a church constructed within a rock. Once at the pinnacle of the hill, the Saracens fortress awaits, offering awe-inspiring views. Be sure not to miss out on exploring piazza Duomo and then following the Saracens trail, flanked by cacti and olive trees, descending through chiesa San Bagio, which dates back to the 1st century AD. 

This comprehensive guide guarantees an authentic Sicilian experience and the creation of truly remarkable photographic memories. Enjoy it!

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